Our Approach To Digital Marketing

The Process

Phase One

Strategy Session

Here is where we’ll have a call to get to know you, your goals, and your KPIs. From there we’ll be able to realistically determine if we can not only meet your KPIs, but exceed them. We treat every dollar and conversion as if it were our own so this initial call is to establish full transparency and expectations because we can only succeed if we do it together.  We’re going to answer every question that you may have and give you a detailed breakdown of how the whole process works.  After that you’ll become part of the family and we’ll be watching your ROI grow together.  It’s a really exciting process.

Phase Two

Research & Development

This is where we start doing our homework. It doesn’t matter what the business or industry is as this process is 100% identical and replicable across all of them. We’re going to spend between 5 to 10 hours getting to know everything about your target customer and your competitors.  This process allows us to create ad copy and ads that are laser targeted.  Most companies do not even create the ad copy, creatives, or research your customers or competitors, and put that on you to do for them.  They only provide traffic.  What good is that traffic and how is that suppose to produce results?

Phase Three


Now we’re to the process of launching your ads. We’ve done the research, created your ads, set up your campaigns, and it’s time to launch. At this time we are now setting them live. During this time they’ll be going out to either your warm or cold customers and we will be starting to see customer conversions almost immediately. This is a really exciting step in the process. This is where sales start happening and all the data comes back that allow for us to make all of our marketing decisions.

Phase Four

Optimization & Scaling

Now we’re done with the testing process and have gotten quite a bit of data back and conversions are coming in. We are now taking all of the data we have gotten back and we’re going to optimize. This allows us to get the maximum amount of conversions and sales for the lowest cost. After we have fully optimized the campaign we will be scaling it up to it’s maximum allotted ongoing budget.  This will allow for maximum amount of ROI.

Phase Five


The consumer market rapidly changes and we always like to stay ahead.  A lot of companies are set it and forget it, but when you do that your ROI goes down and your cost of marketing goes up.  In this process we are working on keeping the ads as highly converting as possible which also allows us to keep your costs low and ROI high.  We will be in the accounts every day and monitoring them every hour.  The market rapidly changes and we’ll be changing out ads and ad copy as needed to make sure your ads stay relevant and highly converting.

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