Email Marketing

Automating Your Sales

Why You Need It

Adding this into your funnel will make a huge difference in your ROI.  This can be used to drive visitors back to make a purchase, have past customers make additional purchases, or continually follow up with leads until they purchase.  There’s so many applications this can be used for that will continually drive sales for you and the best part is it can all be automated so it will be making sales for you without you lifting a finger.  Odds are whatever the initial sales process is, you’ve collected an email address and should capitalize on it and automate it so you can spend our time doing other important things.

How It Works

An awesome automated piece to the monetization process that we love so much.  We’ll set up an auto responding email sequence that will take your customers through an automate process.  This will include images, subject lines, ad copy, and opt out information.  There will be ones for generated leads and direct sales.  We custom tailor this automated process for different parts of the process of where your customers are.  We target them with emails for follow ups if they haven’t made purchases, if they’ve made purchases and new products have come out, if they’ve made purchases and you’re offering ongoing support, keeping in contact, and so much more.  This process is truly unique and custom tailored to your specific business.  By automating this process we are able to increase sales on a large scale.

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