Facebook Advertising

Where Highly Profitable And Highly Scalable Intersect

The Introduction

Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful platforms out there and we can say with 100% certainty that your customers are on here and with the right message advertised to them, they will buy 100% of the time.  The quality of sales and leads that can be generated by this platform are unmatched.  The platform does require someone experienced who knows how to use it properly otherwise the bottom line is you will be wasting money.  It takes more than just running a boosted post or accessing Ads Manager.  Now when you align all those things properly, you will make money.  It doesn’t matter what your business is.  That’s why we do a free strategy session is so we can get to know you and your KPIs to make sure your goals align with what the marketing platform is capable of returning.  Expectations will be clear from the beginning and this will be the start of an amazing and prosperous relationship.

Why Us For Facebook?

We know Facebook inside and out and we handle all aspects of it and by all aspects we do mean all.  We create your ads, write your ad copy, and spend 5 to 10 hours researching your customers before we even get to the ad creation stage or spend a dollar.  After your ads are launched we also continually maintain your ads every single day and keep your ads and ad copy fresh as needed.  There are a lot of companies that don’t even write your ad copy, create the ads, or research the customer, and they only just send you traffic that they ‘think’ is your customer demographic.  What does that mean?  Typically it just means they send people to your website that don’t convert and they generate low quality leads that aren’t qualified, so what ends up happening is you spend money for people to visit your website and for leads to not turn into sales. We will absolutely never waste your money like this.  That traffic we send will generate you sales and the leads we send will always be high quality.  We promise.

The Awesome

Facebook is an extremely profitable machine.  It’s essentially like printing money.  This platform is amazing for all industries and by all industries, we literally mean all industries.  It can be for long term or short term promotions, sales, or leads.  There almost isn’t an industry we aren’t able to use this for and almost an ROI we can’t produce that isn’t satisfying.  There’s no risk involved as everything is laid out for you in your free strategy session and your testing budget almost always returns sales the minute we launch your campaign – which is pretty cool, by the way.

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