High Quality Leads

From Insurance to Real Estate to Legal and everywhere in between, you need high quality prospects that will convert into sales.  There are countless companies out there who sell leads and unfortunately they typically aren’t very high quality.  We’ll spend 5-10 hours researching your target lead and everything about them so we can target highly qualified leads.  All leads we generate are the highest quality and we don’t stop there.  We take the leads that we generate that you turn into sales, and use them to continually target even more highly qualified leads.  A big important step in this process that companies don’t talk about or seem to care about is the lead generation funnel.  It takes an extremely well built ad.  That ad consists of targeting, ad copy, images, messaging, and more.  It’s a very in depth process, but no one ever talks about the lead generation funnel or the email marketing campaign you should probably have go with it.  We will evaluate this process with you during our free strategy session.  The back end is just as important as the front end.

Funnel Maximization

When generating leads you need a well built funnel.  You need well built ads which contain a lot of parts with the right message and right targeting to get those high quality leads for a low cost, but you also need a really good converting funnel to send them through to capture their information.  If you don’t have a well built funnel in place then your leads will have a harder time turning into sales.  Also, another factor that we don’t see a lot of other companies talk about is the monetization opportunities here.  There’s huge opportunities here for retargeting and email marketing that should be capitalized on.  Why just stop after the lead has been generated?  We will evaluate your funnel to make sure it’s set up correctly to take the high quality leads we generate.  We also offer lead generation funnel setups from start to finish and can also monetize your current funnel, make changes to an existing funnel, or build out entirely new funnels to maximize your ROI.

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