Mobile Advertising

Your Message, To Your Audience, On Their Device

What's The Big Deal?

Who isn’t addicted to their phone?  Everywhere you look everyone is glued to their phone.  Fact is that people spend at least 5 hours a day on their phones.  This is why it’s so important that we are advertising to them on mobile.  Another key thing is making sure that your website is mobile optimized.  Ever go to a website on your phone and the writing is really small and everything is super hard to see?  That’s because it’s not designed to change for each device.  Check out our website on your desktop, tablet, and phone.  It’s designed to change for all devices so that way when visitors come to our page, it’s optimized for all devices.  If your visitors go to your site and it’s not mobile optimized, they will leave.  Now check out your website on all of your devices.

How We Do Mobile

When you launch ads on various platforms you actually have to make sure their sizing is correct for mobile.  You also want to make sure your ads are designed to catch a consumers attention in a matter of a couple of seconds.  People on their phones are interacting with ads differently than someone on their computer.  Odds are they’re just browsing or killing time so your messaging has to be spot on or it’s dollars wasted.  This is an area we understand very well and actually prefer to market in.  Why?  Because we can return bigger ROIs because we’ve mastered the art of mobile advertising.  As part of our free strategy session we’ll be assessing your website and sales funnel to make sure everything is mobile optimized and in tiptop shape for the mobile sales process.

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