Laser Targeted Ads To Already 100% Real Prospects

What Is Retargeting?

Ever look at something on the internet and then you see ads relating to that website or product you looked at and it’s following you around the internet now?  That’s basically it.  Retargeting puts a cookie in the customer’s browser which allows you to keep your brand in front of the “window shoppers” and when they’re ready to buy, they will be buying from you rather than a competitor.

Why Use Retargeting?

This is the best way to plug the “leak” in your sales funnel.  Only roughly 2% of customers who go to your website are going to buy and the rest are going to ‘bounce’ – aka bounce rate.  This allows us to put ads in front of those who have already been to your site and seen your product.  A high percentage of them will buy.  These customers already have seen the ads, they’ve seen your product, and they already know who you are.  They just needs to see your ad a couple more times and they’re going to buy.  Using retargeting along with other methods of marketing is a winning combination and creates a massive ROI.  Plus, did we mention we automatically use Facebook retargeting with our Facebook Ad Management services to return massive ROI?  It’s essentially like fishing with dynamite!

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